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Celebrating 70th in Westros

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

WINTER IS HERE! For this one of a kind birthday we transformed THE POOL Resturant into Westros. A complete transformation consisted of an abundance of candles, fur, dragon eggs and larger than life custom pillars. To really bring the medieval time to life seductress engaged with guests and and knights performed a combat stimulation and posed with guests. Throughout the all the minginling and sipping on cocktails the room was in the effect of winter, until the dragon arrived and the entire room was in flames. This is when happy birthday was sung and the party really started as guests entered a "dance party" area filled with hit music from a DJ Pamela Tick and delicious bites such as sliders and yummy desserts. As a sweet and unexpected ending, guests were able to grab a delicious ice cream straight from a Van Leeuwan truck.

Planning, styling and decor: Simply Perfect Events

Location: The POOL, NYC

Photographer: Mel Barlow and the Simply Perfect team

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