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Tea for TWO

A little tea party has been brewing. For this first birthday party it was held at Haven's Kitchen that acted as the ideal canvas for a tea party. With its all white walls and rustic funriture we were able to decorate it with girly and sophisticated decor in different tones of pinks and creams. As guests walked in their eyes were immedialty drawn to the paper flower wall that was place above the food and dessert table. As they continued to enter the party they saw an assorment of tea sets all decorated uniquely for each table. The kid tables were decorated as a pretty littlle tea party with paper tea cups, saucsers, plates, and customized water bottles. Kids enjoyed music, themed toys, and metallic balloons designed from a balloon twister while sitting on a pink foam mat that was decorated with plush pink, cream and green toned pillows. The main event of the tea party was the planting station created for all guests, even the adults to have the chance to make their own floral arrangement to take home.

Planning, styling, decor and catering: Simply Perfect Events

Location: Haven's Kitchen, NYC

Photographer: Heidi Green Photography

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