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Police! Freeze!

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Freeze... Its a police party! All hands were in the air for this police soiree. Guests walked in and were immediately signed up for "police academy" where they were each given a badge and a police hat. Kids and adults also enjoyed being "sent to jail" and created a photo op moment complete with a jail cell, police car, and a police motorcycle. Since Parm Restaurant, is primarily red, we focused on the colors of blue and silver and created a focal piece at the ceiling of silver chain balloons. We also created branded games such as basketball hoops, handcuff ring toss, and prize crane in order for the theme to be showcased throughout the party. Before kids sat at their decorated tables consisting of police figurienes and coordinating plates, they sat on foam mats as a magician revealed magic tricks that were almost criminal. Once all was enjoyed, the sirens went off and it was time to sing happy birthday to the chief of police and enjoy his custom cake. Before the party came to an end, guests were able to take home a custom gift bag and say goodbye to the birthday boy who was able to wave from a real police car.

Planning, styling and decor: Simply Perfect Events

Location: Parm Restaurant Battery park, NYC

Photographers: Aletiza Photo and The Simply Perfect team

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