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Pajama Party under the (indoor) skies

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

A dreamy birthday that became a reality! At this sleep-under party we added touches of pink and white paired with dreamy balloon clouds, custom made canopies, and everything pampering! As guests first arrived they were greeted with fresh spa water and comfy pajamas to change into. They were then given all the relaxation of spa facials and hair braiding with fun colored strands. Kids then danced around with music from one of our favorite DJs before gathering around a low kid table surrounded with floor pillows for a sleepover vibe.

To end the night the girls enjoyed yummy candy flavored popcorn while watching a movie, followed by delicious birthday cake that had everyone's head in the clouds. Everything came out as enchanted as can be and was a dream come true for the very special birthday girl.

Planning, styling and decor: Simply Perfect Events

Location: Private residence building lounge, NYC

Photographer: Aletiza Photo and the Simply Perfect team

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