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Magical Dinner Party Under The Stars

Sometimes just the longest lunar eclipse can be the reason to celebrate! A truly magical soiree right underneath the shining stars, was already enough for us to be inspired in creating this wondrous dinner party. As guests entered they were immediatley taken away with the immense amount of twinkle lights, but what really separted this dinner party from all the others were the unique woven basket chandeliers. From the moment guests walked in every detail was executed with the vision of sunset shades of light pink with an organic and natural touch. We used loft grey toned tables that contrasted perfectly with the soft pink cheese cloth runners and the jaw dropping floral arrnagements that were filled with unique flowers and pink feathers. We mixed and matched pink glassware, plates, napkins, and utensils to give a distinct effect, away from the traditional. As the moon came into its complete fullness guests danced the night away with all of the illumination surrounding them from pool globes, and the stars themselves created, a night of pure enchantment.

Planning, styling and decor: Simply Perfect Events

Location: The Hamptons, NY

Photographer: Marcela Cussolin

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