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A night at the Disco

Unicorns can be magical, but what is even more margical is a dancing unicorn. For this party we meshed together enchanted unicorns with the always iconic disco dance party. We filled the celiling with pink, yellow, silver, and torquoise balloons that hung above as all the dancing queen and kings showed their best dance moves while listening to pop hits, and per the request of the birthday girl some Britney Spears. In order to create the perfect dance party, props were handed out to each guests as they arrived. From disco ball necklaces, coloful rings, and some grovy glasses they were decked from head to toe. We also decorated the space with giant unicorn inflatables that kids were able to take pictures with and show off their glittery unicorn facepaint. After building an appetite from dancing kids munched on vegan pizza, cookies, and brownies. However, the two stars of the sweets was the unicorn inspired cotton candy that shimmered and tasted like sweet caramel and the unicorn explosion cake that spilled with coloful candies when cut into.

Planning, styling and decor: Simply Perfect Events

Location: 6 River Terrace, NYC

Photographer: Mia McDonald

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